Create a warm atmosphere with custom-made furniture. We will help you design a welcoming sales area that reflects your image !

Bread Viennese Pastries Universe

Fruits & Vegetable Universe

Layout & Reception Universe

Custom made


Bread Viennese Pastrie.

Bread display

The crumb of all.

Présentoir donuts

Enhance your pastries.

Pastry display

To be arranged in crescent order.

Pastry display

Modular and hygienic.

Bread cabinet

It's practical.

Viennoiseries en vrac

It vrac and you ?

Pastry display

Within bread reach.

Fruits & Vegetable.

Fruits & Vegetables display

Long as 3 apples.

Flower stand

For a green space.

Connected display

Bonnie & Cloud.

Fruits & Vegetables wall display

Impressive space savings.

Wood fruits & vegetables display


Layout & Reception Universe.

Bicycle shelter

Taking care of 2-wheelers.


For greater transparency.

Welcome stand

Easy as pie.


A 360° exhibition.

Meuble recyclage

For a better future.

Custom made.

Wine cellar

Head-turning furniture.


A touch of the countryside in your shops.

Fitting room

Trying is adopting.

Custom made gondola

To match your ambitions.

Custom made furniture

To your desires.



Catch them all.

Double door

For even more space.

Simple door



Up to the task.