In details.

ATMOS revolutionizes your audio communication by broadcasting personalized messages in your store via speaker systems. The geographically unrestricted web interface makes it easy to manage your announcements. Program, adjust volume or deactivate in an instant.


Simple & efficient.

An innovation in retail.

A solution that will revolutionize your in-store communications.

No more radio, tapes, or CD. Enjoy a wireless system to promote your products and inform your clients everywhere you are.

Boost your revenues with advertising partnerships, targeted promotional messages, special openings, contests, depending on the time of year...

Let your customers know when your checkout or store opens or closes, without having to do anything.

Express yourself authentically.

Promote from everywhere


Lack of efficiency ? impact ?
No problem, you have just to delete and customize again your message to be now efficient and target the client vision.

Vous configurez vos messages comme vous le souhaitez et créez des campagnes publicitaires percutantes.

Fast customization

in only few clicks.

An web interface which answer to all your needs, upload your audio announcements, setup them easily and schedule them to regular interval or at precise time.

Late is not allowed here.

Easy to handle

from everywhere

Powerful tool.

Paper alternative

Less prospectus,

So less waste,

Let's preserve our planet together.

Support to reach perfection.

Libérez-vous des contraintes de temps et profitez de messages sonores percutants avec notre expertise. Laissez nous gérer pour vous, et atteignez un niveau supérieur de communication audio.

Else you keep the control, and you setup your own messages.

Powerful impact

without limit

Adapted formula


A simple starter kit, announcing checkout status and store opening and closing.


Access to ATMOS web platform. Customize and configure your ads.

Schedule your messages by interval or fixed time.

The whole system can be remotely controlled and updated via an Internet connection.

In short, enjoy ATMOS and its uncompromising environment.


If you want to go further, this is the place. Of course, you'll benefit from all the features of the previous formulas, plus :

support in co-managing the system, particularly in the creation of sound content, as well as in the advertising network, with an ad package tailored to your needs.

You stay focused on the essential.